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Capturing Timeless Photography: A Boho Creative Jamestown, Rhode Island Wedding on September 16th

In the heart of Jamestown, amidst the picturesque landscapes and historic charm, Chris and Louisa's wedding on September 16th was a celebration of love, joy, and unforgettable moments. Dragonline Studios made for the perfect backdrop! As the chosen photographer for this special day, I had the incredible privilege of capturing the essence of their union through my lens. For Chris and Louisa, I practiced both digital wedding photography and film photography. Join me as I take you on a visual journey through this enchanting wedding and share some insights into the art of photographing timeless moments.

Jamestown Wedding Photography: A Dreamy Destination

wedding table jamestown

It simply does not get more romantic and charming than a Jamestown wedding.. especially at the Dragonline Studio!

ceremony area jamestown

A glimpse of the ocean front romantic wedding venue.

wedding photography boho rhode island jamestown

flower tablescape

Beautiful flower-scape for this destination wedding in Rhode Island.

altar in jamestown

A stunning altar for a stunning couple!

Very cool details for this Jamestown wedding. SUCH beautiful personalized wedding details. jamestown

Very cool details for this Jamestown wedding. SUCH beautiful personalized wedding details.

Charming Details: From Vows to Venue

bride and groom in jamestown laughing mid ceremony

a little giggle down the aisle :) love a candid moment!

bride and groom in jamestown sharing first look with dragonline studio in background

Dragoline Studio in Jamestown making for the cutest backdrop during the first look!

bride shows off her dress

The beautiful bride showing off her dress

bride and groom in jamestown kissing in tunnel of wedding party

Jamestown's beautiful nature was a perfect place for their wedding party photos.

bride and groom in jamestown mid ceremony

Chris and Louisa giving their vows with gorgeous views of Newport in the background.

bride and groom in jamestown kissing after ceremomy

film photo of bride and parents

A candid moment.. A film photo of the bride walking down the aisle with her family.

audience reacting during ceremony

I love capturing emotional wedding photography and seeing the audience's reaction.

Natural Beauty: Outdoor Photography in Jamestown

bride and groom in jamestown

The bride in a meadow behind the house in Jamestown.

bride and groom in jamestown

Jamestown makes such a great backdrop for your wedding.

bride and groom in jamestown

bride and groom in jamestown

bride and groom in jamestown sunset

Amazing sunset for this natural wedding photography.

bride and groom in jamestown

I love getting to capture outdoor wedding photography.

bride and groom near water in jamestown

Look at those gorgeous views of Jamestown/Newport Harbor!

Memories Preserved: The Importance of Wedding Photography

Preserving wedding memories through high-quality photography is akin to capturing the essence of a love story in timeless photographs. These images not only freeze cherished moments in time but also serve as portals to the emotions, laughter, and joy shared on that special day. In the years to come, these visual treasures become a tangible link to the past, weaving a narrative that transcends time and allows couples to revisit the magic of their union with each glance at those meticulously captured wedding memories.

Client Testimonials: Raving Reviews for Unforgettable Photos

  • "capturing said pure magic (she may have brought the magic)" "simply the best"

Chris and Louisa's wedding in Jamestown on September 16th was a magical celebration of love, and I feel honored to have been the chosen photographer to capture these precious moments. If you're planning your own Jamestown wedding and seeking a professional photographer to beautifully document your special day, contact me to discuss how we can create lasting memories together. I like to think my style is a mix of being a fly on the wall, letting you organically experience your special day, but also stepping in to help when the camera/wedding jitters take over! Let your love story unfold through the lens of a seasoned wedding photographer, ensuring that every moment is preserved for a lifetime of cherished memories.

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